Saturday, May 13, 2017

2017 Fresno Mardi Gras and 2017 Three Rivers Jazzaffair

Okay I realize it is May and the Fresno Mardi Gras was in February and Three Rivers jazzaffair was last month. I have been really bad at giving jazz updates and just updating my blog all together. Malcolm keeps me very very busy. He is now walking and talking. Malcolm can say so many words and he can say some sentence. One day I was holding him and he said wash and I said wash what and he replied with wash me. Another day as I was holding him he looked at a picture on the wall of him and he said that's me. He has so much personality and he is such a ham. Anyways, lets get started with the festivals. I will start with the Fresno Mardi Gras of course. Friday after I got off work James and I headed to the Double Tree where the festival was held. We hung out for a bit and then we watched all the swing sets which were Gino & the Lone Gunmen, Sister Swing, and of course Blue Street all in Salon C/D. We sold cds for Blue Street. Then Saturday we started our day at 12:30 pm in the Sequoia room. Malcolm got to meet Susan and John Rocha and he got to dance with Susan then as well. We took a family picture as well. Before we started selling cds on Saturday though we hung out in the Atrium and we just relaxed for a bit. At 3 pm we went and we watched Zydeco Flames in Salon A and that was the time of the parasol parade which Malcolm was in with my friend Ashley. After that we sold cds for Blue Street in Salon C/D. That is when Malcolm met Brady McKay and I must say Brady loved Malcolm. Malcolm also got to play with my mentor's daughter a bit. Malcolm even got to hang out with Susan and John at that set for a bit. Then at 5:30 we went to Gino and the Lone Gunmen's Johnny Cash set which was such a blast and that was in the Salon A. Then at 6:45 pm in Salon A we sold cds for Blue Street and Malcolm joined the Masquerade parade with Ashley. Then we ended our night listening to Gino and the Lone Gunmen's Mardi Gras party set in Salon C/D. Malcolm danced with Rebecca, Connie, and Terrey. Ashley and Rebecca and Conie and Terrey all gave Malcolm a balloon to take home that night. Then Sunday we started at 9:30 am in Salon C/D with Blue Street's gospel set. After that set we talked with Connie and Terrey and Rebecca and Malcolm fell asleep on Connie. Then at 1:15 pm in Salon C/D we watched Gino and the Lone Gunmen play their last set. Malcolm ended up dancing with Brady McKay and he danced in the back with Ashley as well. I have so many highlights at this festival but a few is when Malcolm got to do both parades with Ashley, and he got to dance with all of the fans and family members of the bands, watching him dance to Gino and the Lone Gunmen, and the most favorite one of them all was to see how his face lit up when he received his balloons.

Dancing with Susan Rocha

Parasol Parade

Kisses from Ashley

Masquerade Parade

Dancing with Connie, Terrey, and Rebecca

Malcolm with his balloon

Taking a nap before Gino and the Lone Gunmen

Dancing with Brady McKay

Now we will go into Three Rivers Jazzaffair. We met my mom, dad, and Grandpa Paul in Three Rivers on Thursday. First, we had some lunch in Exeter at A & W and then we took Malcolm up the hill where we dropped my Grandpa off at St. Anthony's retreat and then we came back to Exeter and got our stuff unpacked and then we went and had root beer floats. Then on Friday we didn't have to be with Blue Street until 5:15 pm and my mom and dad didn't have to be with Cornet Chop Suey until 6:30 pm so we went sight seeing for quiet some time. First, we went to old town Exeter and looked at the murals and then we drove up the hill and looked at the river, the museums, and the shops. We then went back to Exeter and had some lunch and then we took both cars back up the hill. My mom and dad watch Blue Street as James and I sold cds for them at St. Anthony's retreat. After, that my mom and dad sold cds for Cornet Chop Suey and James and I watched them for a bit before we headed to the Lion's Arena. At 7:45 pm we sold for Blue Street at the Lion's Arena. We met my mom and dad back at the hotel and we had a late dinner. James even caught Malcolm in the refrigerator. Then Saturday we all started our day at 11 am. My parents sold for Cornet Chop Suey and James and I went and we watched High Street because that was the only time we could see them play. Malcolm enjoyed them so much that he was dancing in the isles and he was dancing on the dance floor. The band loved watching him. James and I watched a little bit of Shelley, Bill, and Eddie play and then at 1:30 pm we sold cds at the Lion's Arena for Blue Street. Malcolm enjoyed dancing for the audience in that set as well. We ended up at the Memorial Building to have some lunch and since Malcolm was asleep Sylvia was watching him while we ate our lunch. Well my mom saw James and I so she asked us where Malcolm was and I showed her. Long story short Sylvia armed wrestled my mom to see who would get Malcolm. It ended up my mom won so we walked down to the Memorial Tent and we watched Dixie Dominus (they are such a great youth band) and then we watched Cornet Chop Suey. After that at 5:15 pm we headed up to the Memorial Building and we sold cds for Blue Street. Malcolm joined a parasol parade at that set. Then we watched High Sierra and Titan Hot Seven and then we headed down to the Memorial Tent at 9 pm and we sold cds for Blue Street. On Sunday at 10:15 am we went to the Memorial Building and we sold cds for Blue Street's gospel set and then we walked down to the Memorial Tent and we watched Cornet Chop Suey play. After that set we went to St Anthony's Retreat and we walked around and took pictures and talked to some of the High Street band members. I had so many highlights at this festival as well, but a few of my favorites was watching Malcolm dance to High Street, watching him when his auntie Sherri would sing and watching Sylvia and my mom arm wrestle (I still wish I got a picture or a video of that).

James, Malcolm and I in Exeter

Malcolm at the Three Rivers Museum

Me playing with a puppet

Malcolm dancing 

Malcolm in the refrigerator

Malcolm in the hotel room

Listening to auntie Sherri sing 

Greetings from Matt, Bruce, and Steve

Malcolm and Mommy

Malcolm and Grandma

Malcolm and Grandpa


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