Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Three Rivers Jazzaffair and Malcolm's dedication/Mother's Day

Okay I know this is 2 months late now but I have been extremely busy with a baby boy. Malcolm is now 4 months old and he is such a joy to be around. I love him so much. He has been to his very first jazz festival... yes he went to the Fresno Mardi Gras but he was only a few weeks old so we didn't stay all 3 days. Instead we only went on Saturday and we only watched Blue Street play. So in April we went to Three Rivers Jazzaffair. We left early Friday morning and we met my parents in Visilia where we checked into our hotel room. We went shopping for a bit and then we headed up to Three Rivers. We went to the Lions Arena first and we watched a bit of Night Blooming Jazzmen and then at 4 pm we watched Cornet Chop Suey and then at 5:15 pm we went to the Memorial Tent and we watched/ sold cds for Blue Street and I helped watch my mentor's daughter. She loved Malcolm so much. Then at 6:30 pm we drove up to St. Anthony's Retreat and watched Cornet Chop Suey followed by Blue Street. I had the joy of helping my mentor with her daughter and then after that set we drove back to Visilia. Then on Saturday we woke up and got ready and had breakfast. We then drove back to Three Rivers. At 9:45 am at the Lions Arena we watched Titan Hot Seven followed by Blue Street and during our set we had lunch. Then we drove to the Memorial Tent and at 12:15 pm we watched Cornet Chop Suey followed by Grand Dominion followed by High Street which is one of our favorite bands because they take you through the decades. Then we walked up to the Memorial Building and at 4 pm we watched/sold cds for Blue Street with Bob Draga. We had such a great time at that set. At 5:15 pm we went to St. Anthony's Retreat and we watched Cornet Chop Suey and then at 6:30 pm we went to the Memorial Building and watched High Street with Bob Draga, That also was a great set. Then at 7:45 pm we watched Cornet Chop Suey and then we walked down to the Memorial Tent to see if Blue Street needed our help or to see if we could take Malcolm back to the hotel to sleep. We ended up taking Malcolm back to the hotel to sleep. On Sunday we woke up, had breakfast and then got our things in the car and checked out of the hotel and we took pictures of Malcolm because it was his very first hotel stay ever. We then drove up to Three Rivers and at 10:15 am we watched/ sold cds for Blue Street's Gospel set. We even saw a huge wild turkey, I took my mentor's daughter outside so that we could see the turkey and I could get a picture of it. Then at 11:45 am we drove to the Lions Arena and watched Titan Hot Seven and had some lunch followed by Blue Street, We sold cds there and I helped with my mentor's daughter, When it started to rain we went near the dance floor, My mentor's daughter even helped with feeding Malcolm and she gave Malcolm's lots of kisses. After Blue Street we stayed and watched the Au Brother's play and then after that set we said goodbye to my parents and they drove home back to Santa Maria and we drove back to Fresno, My highlights this festival was getting a baby blanket from Dewey which Malcolm just absolutely adores, seeing my mentor's daughter with Malcolm and all the help she gave me plus all the kisses she gave to Malcolm, High Street announcing Malcolm as part of their family, all the pictures Malcolm got with the musicians he met, Malcolm meeting Danny Coots and Katie Cavera, and my mentor showing me how to keep my son warm when he gets cold and also my mentor show me how to clip my son's nails. I had such a fantastic time. Then on May 5th James and I took Malcolm to get pictures done by Rev-Photo. Ashley did a great job keeping Malcolm happy and Mike did a wonderful job taking pictures. On May 7th my parents and Tim came to Fresno and we had lunch and then we went shopping for a bit after we went shopping we came back to the apartment and we had dinner and then after visiting for a bit they left and went to their hotel room. On Mother's Day we met them at church and at the end of the service Malcolm was dedicated along with Alyse's children. Then we went to Red Robin for lunch. After lunch we came back to the apartment and we opened Mother's Day gifts and of course Malcolm opened his gifts since he was dedicated. After opening gifts my parents and Tim left and went back to Santa Maria and I took a bit of a nap and relaxed the rest of the day, I had a great first Mother's Day and it was so memorable  because Malcolm was dedicated and because my parents and Tim were here.

Malcolm's first hotel stay

Grandma and Malcolm enjoying Cornet Chop Suey

Malcolm smiling at grandma while listening to High Street

Me and Dewey 

Malcolm meeting Katie Cavera 

Malcolm meeting his great grandpa Paul

Wild Turkey 


Family picture

Me and Malcolm

Daddy love

Malcolm and me with Malcolm's adoptive grandma Sheila

The boys who got dedicated

Malcolm with his foot on the table at Red Robin

Malcolm in a suit for his dedication

The family is ready for Red Nose Day

James, Me, and Malcolm

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

2015 Jubilee by the Sea and woman's ministry baby shower

I know I am about a month late with the Pismo jazz festival update but I have been so busy with work, dentist appointments, and obgyn appointments. And I also have been sleeping a bit more. Most may know and most may not know I am now 7 months pregnant with a baby boy and I was blessed by the woman's ministry of CEFC. They threw me a baby shower on the 8th of November. However, this baby shower was not only for me because there are two others in the church body who are having baby boys as well so the baby shower was also for them and it was the best baby shower ever and it was the neatest way to do a baby shower. But, first I am gonna talk about the Jubilee by the Sea. So on Friday October 23rd we left Fresno really early and got to my parents house around about 9:30 am and at 11:15 am we went and we watched Jeff Barnhart play his set and then after that set we sold for Ivory and Gold in the Seacrest banquet hall (which is the old Marie Calendars). Then at 1:45 pm which was right after Ivory and Gold we sold for Swing Nola (Swing Nola was the members of Blue Street who were already there and since Sherri was in South Africa for work they did not have Blue Renditions. Hopefully, next year they have Blue Renditions). Then at 3 pm we went and we saw Draga, Tatrow, Cavera, Coots, and Leyland play their set. At that set Katie Cavera sang the song "Angry" just for me. It brought back so many memories and I enjoyed it so much. Then at 4:15 pm we went to the Seacrest banquet room to watch Danny Coots play with Brian Holland. Then we went to St, Anthony's Lu's Landing at 5:30 pm and sold cds for Swing Nola. Then right after that set Dave, Matty, Rick, Kevin, Alana and Kevin and Alana's kids went to Pismo's Fish and Chips for dinner. It was such a blessing to hang out with them and it was so much fun. I always enjoy everything that anyone in Blue Street does for us. After dinner James and I went to the Vet's Hall and we watched Cornet Chop Suey's last set. Then on Saturday October 24th at 11:30 am we went to Lu's Landing and we watched Scala's Rhythm Jesters (which was a really good band... Pismo was the first time we heard them play). Then after they played we stayed and watched Jeff Barnhart play with the Red Skunks and then we watched Cornet Chop Suey play. After Cornet Chop Suey we went to the Seacrest Banquet Room at 3:15 pm and we sold cds for Ivory and Gold and then at 4:30 pm we went to Turk's Place and we watched the Midri Brothers play and after that set we sold cds for Blue Street. Then at 7 pm we went to the Vet's Hall and watched High Sierra play and then at 8:15 pm we went to Addie's Street and watched the Au Brothers play. Then at 9:30 pm we went to the Seacrest banquet room and sold for Blue Street. The 9:30 set was their last set that night so it was their request set and it was the set they usually get crazy at. I always enjoy watching what the boys of Blue Street can pull up their sleeves. Then on Sunday October 25th we started our day at 9 am selling cds for Blue Street's gospel set.Then at 10:15 am we went to the Vet's Hall and watched Jeff Barnhart play with the Midri Brothers and then at 11:30 am we went to Addie's and we watched Cornet Chop Suey and then after that set we went to the Seacrest banquet room and we sold cds for Ivory and Gold. After Ivory and Gold we stayed and we watched Jeff, Larry, and Bob play the last set of the Seacrest banquet hall. The highlights of this festival was Jeff being so amazed at how skinny I looked for being 6 months pregnant at the time, eating dinner with some of the Blue Street members, Katie singing angry for me, Jeff and Anne giving us a gift for our son, the gospel set for Blue Street, the last set for Blue Street on Saturday, the inspirational set for Ivory and Gold, and of course getting my new cds (I love them all). Then on October 26th James and I meet with some good friends for a bit and on October 27th we celebrated our 5th anniversary, We went to Toledo's for dinner that night. On October 28th I met with Michelle to talk about the baby shower and a week before the baby shower I talked to Paula because she was preparing a devotional. Then on Halloween we went to the Lite the Night at our church. On November 8th we had the progressive lunch baby shower right after church. We all met in room 111 and then we headed to the houses. The first house was Michelle's house and that is where we had soups and of course Paula gave my devotional there. Then we headed to Tammy's house and we had sandwiches there and that is where Cricket gave the devotional for Alyse and then the last house we went to was Brittany's house where we had dessert and Jerre gave the devotional there for Naomi. The woman's ministry blessed James and I with a car seat stroller combo and we are so blessed that after our son is here we will have a lot of help from our church family. Thank you so much everyone. Then on November 10th right after I got off work Sheila picked me up and we went James and Robert at the Savemart Center for Winter Jam. We had such a blast. Malcolm was moving around while the music played but he moved so much when Family Force Five and Switchfoot played. He seemed to like the heavier music a lot more. Malcolm moved a lot at the jazz festival as well. I of course had to get up early the next day (November 11th) and be at work at 7:30 am but I got off at 1:30 pm so I was able to come home and nap (at least until we had the inspection that day). Like I said I have been busy with appointments as well. I had a dentist appointment on the 16th and the dentist told me once baby boy is here then they can start working on fixing my front teeth which makes me so excited. I can't wait to have my beautiful smile back. Then yesterday I had an Obgyn appointment and so far everything looks good. Baby boy is measuring right and his heartrate was around 150 and he made his mommy gain 14 pounds this month which is a huge jump in what I was last month. If everything goes right my maternity leave will start January 6th.

James and I @ Addie's 

Katie singing Angry 

Dave joining in on the march

Nate and Matty playing for the audience

My dad, my mom, me, and James @ Addie's 

The children's book Annie and Jeffo got us for Malcolm 

Robert, me, and James @ Lite the Night

My red velvet jazz cake made by Brittany

My "It's A Boy" balloons 

Our car seat stroller from the Woman's Ministry (Thank you so much)

Malcolm Owen Chastain (Nicknames: Mal and from his grandma Shonda little MO)

Thursday, April 16, 2015

2015 Three Rivers Jazzaffair

Yes it is that time again. I know that the jazz festival has almost been a week ago this Friday but I have been trying to recuperate. James and I had such a great time and my parents loved Three Rivers as well. So James and I drove to Exeter Thursday night after I was off work and we stayed there for a few minutes before I realized I forgot the most important thing that I needed so James, my parents, and I got in my dad's car and we drove back to Fresno to get what I forgot. And we even went to get a rootbeer float. When we got back my mom cut my hair and on Friday we all woke up early and we walked around Old Town Exeter for a bit and then we went and showed my parents around Three Rivers and we went and had lunch at St. Anthony's and then we ended up going back to Exeter because again I forgot what I needed. When we came back we went and watched Cornet Chop Suey for a bit at 4 pm at St. Anthony's and then James and I got in our car and we went and watched Blue Street at 5:15 pm at The Lions Arena. I even got to help my mentor with her three year old daughter which was so much fun. I enjoyed my time with that three year old. At 6:30 pm James and I went and watched Cornet Chop Suey and then at 7:45 pm we headed to go and watch Blue Street at the Memorial building. After Blue Street ended at the memorial building we stayed and watched Cornet Chop Suey and then we headed back to the hotel room. My mom even taught me how to do my makeup. On Saturday we all got up early again and at 9:45 am James and I headed to St. Anthony's to watch Blue Street. Just before we started my mentor's daughter saw me and told her daddy she wanted to see me so her and I hung out for a bit and then I went and hung out with her as she had breakfast. After she was done we went to see Blue Street play. Then at 11 am James and I headed to the Memorial building tent to see High Sierra play and then at 12:15 pm we walked upsatirs to the Memorial building and we watched Cornet Chop Suey play and that is where grandpa Paul gave me a gift. At 1:30 pm we walked back down to the tent that was at the memorial building and we watched Blue Street. Then at 2:45 we drove to the Lions Arena and we watched High Street with my parents. I even disco danced with Matt from High Street. That was also so much fun. James and I stayed there and we watched Bob Draga and friends at 5:15 pm. My mentor's daughter helped some little girls build a fairy house which was so much fun to watch. After Blue Street finished we hung out with Blue Street for a bit and we had dinner and we watched Titan Hot Seven for a bit. Then we left and went back to Exeter. On Sunday we woke up early and at 10:15 am James and I headed to the Memorial building for Blue Street's gospel set. My mentor's daughter and I went outside and I read her a book 4 times in a row and we walked around a bit and we sat and watched Blue Street for a bit as well. We even picked some roses for her mom and her dad. Then at 11:45 am we went down to the Memorial building tent and we watched the Au bothers and then at 1 pm we stayed at the tent and watched Blue Street. I watched my mentor's daughter dance with many dance partners and we took some selfies and she also colored a bit. After that set I said my goodbyes and gave my hugs and then James and I went to Riemers and had ice cream. Also Sunday morning we went to Antoniette's and I had a white chocolate raspberry white flat which is half latte half cappuccino. Some of the highlights of this festival was when my mom cut my hair and taught me how to do my makeup, walking around Exeter and Three Rivers with my parents, watching my mentor's daughter, my mentor's daughter looking at me and saying "Mimi let's take selfies," helping building a fairy house, disco dancing with Matt, and of course spending time with Blue Street.

Exeter water tower

Exeter sign

Me at the lake

Me trying to move a rock

New addition at St. Anthony's

Inside the new addition at St. Anthony's

Tile work of Mary

Snow on the mountains

Disco dancing with Matt

Disco Dancing while Steve plays

Disco Dancing with High Street

Sunday, March 1, 2015

2015 Fresno Mardi Gras

So I know it has been a few weeks since the Fresno Mardi Gras, so here it is. Anyways, Friday at 6 pm we went to go see Blue Street play. We did not have to sell cds for them at that time because Rick did not have them. So we just sat down and enjoyed the band and their special guest artist Brady McKay. Then after that set we took a quick picture with Mary and Carol (also known as the ambassadors of fun twins). At 7:15 pm Blue Street had another set so we went and we listened to them play again and this time Dave gave us some of his cds to sell so we sold his cds. And just before that set I ran into Katie Cavera (no not literally) and she asked me where my sock monkey was and I told her he was at home and that I would bring him on Saturday. After the set James and I went to go get dinner at Subway because we did not have any dinner before our first set. Then at 9:45 pm we enjoyed the last Blue Street set which was a request set because their was not that many people in the audience. Then Saturday morning we got up and we went to Kuppa Joy for coffee and then at 10:30 am we went to see Ray Skjelbred & his cubs which is the band Katie Cavera was playing with this year. Just before her set started J.R. Morton gave Tofu some Mardi Gras beads and Tofu gave J.R. Morton a shirt that was hand made by Katie Cavera. After that set which was at 11:15 am we went to watch Yosemite Jazz Band and that is when I got the live recording that they did at the Mid State Fair in Paso Robles (which is close to my hometown) and then at 1 pm we went and we watch High Sierra with Brady McKay and after that set we went to the Boutique and we talked to the lady that owned it and we also had lunch at that time. Then at 3:30 pm we went and watched Blue Street. After that set James and I went to the restaurant that is inside the hotel and we had a nice dinner for Valentine's Day and during dinner we got to watch Midnight Rose. At 6 pm (which was after dinner) we went and watched Blue Street and then after that set we went back to the Boutique and we bought some masks and then we also talked to the gal who owned it again. Then at 8:30 we finished our night with Blue Street. At this set James came in with a rose and a balloon from the Boutique and I had a few swing dances at this set (and at a few other sets and yes my back did hurt afterwards). Then On Sunday at 8:45 am we went to the gospel set for Blue Street and we finally had some cds to sell for Blue Street and then at 10:15 we went and watched Ray Skjelbred & his cubs and then at 11:30 am we went and watched Yosemite Jazz Band. Then at 12:45 pm we ended our set with Blue Street with Brady McKay and I ended up getting two of Brady's cds. I had a blast during the Mardi Gras and this year I had many highlights. Some of the highlights are when Katie and I took a picture with our sock monkey and when J.R. Morton got the shirt, when we got to take our picture with the twins, when we went to dinner for Valentine's Day, getting my new cds, talking to the gal in the Boutique (later I realized that she was my sister's friend's cousin), getting our mask, I also enjoyed watching the different ways Dave Ruffer can play his trombone, and of course getting to swing dance even if my back was hurting.

Carol, me, James, and Mary 

Katie Cavera, Tofu, me, and J.R. Morton

Me in my Mardi Gras mask

James and I in our Mardi Gras mask

Dave playing his slider

Dave playing the slider on the groud

Blue Street Gospel

My Valentine's Day Rose


Monday, January 19, 2015

Random thought about losing connection with someone you care about

Have you ever been so close to someone that when you lost contact with them it hurt? Yesterday in church we had a great testimony and then Pastor Wil gave a great sermon as he always does. I sat there and I started thinking how much I miss the family who started me going back to church. Sure I grew up going to church and then when my grandpa got really sick we started going only on the Holidays. Back in high school I had a friend who told me all about a High School youth group she went to and I wasn't sure at first about going but she told me that there was a lot of people I knew from school and once she told me that Amanda Dickson and Bailey Brennan were attenders of that youth group I immediately asked my mom if I could go and I got extremely close to all of the High Schoolers in that group. Sure I didn't have to get close to Amanda and Bailey because I went to Elementary, Jr. High, and High School with those two... after all Amanda's mom was one of my 3rd grade teachers. That is when my relationship with Gina Alston and Julie Knudson began. Julie and I even did a bible study at her house in Lompoc and then one day Julie told me they were moving and I was heart-broken. Julie and I emailed each other, we wrote to each other, and we of course talked on the phone. And after Julie moved that is when I started to get to know Karen. Karen was like an adoptive aunt to me. Then one day I moved to Fresno and that is when I lost all connection with Julie and her family. I was so heart-broken that I tried and tried to gain contact with them. The emails I sent kept coming back and I lost her address and her phone number. One day James and I went back to visit the church and this blonde haired lady walked into the church with her husband. I turned to James and told him I think that is Julie and Eric Knudson but as time went on I kept telling myself no it wasn't but then to my surprised I was convinced and yes it was Julie and Eric Knudson. I went over to where they were sitting and I introduced James to them and Julie told James how precious I was and she told him to take good care of me. That was the last time I saw them in person and the last time I talked to them. Just yesterday we started our worship time with Shout to the Lord (thanks Jason)... I was amazed I made it through without tears. I was really missing Karen and then I started to think how we sang that song at Ev Free of Santa Maria and Julie was the one always standing by me as we sang that song. So here is a youtube video to Shout to the Lord: I have so much to tell Julie... I want her to know how I came to Christ and I want to tell her that James and I have been married for almost 5 years now and I want to tell her all about the Woman Studies I have been in and I want Julie to know about some of the trials I have been through and I want Julie to know all about the church I go to now and how much I love it. I pray that one day I gain complete contact with Julie again.

     Me with Julie, Eric, Elise, and Emily Knudson on their last day at EV Free of Santa Maria

                          Emily and Elise in the Nursery at Ev Free of Santa Maria

                                                           The Knudson's