Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Three Rivers Jazzaffair and Malcolm's dedication/Mother's Day

Okay I know this is 2 months late now but I have been extremely busy with a baby boy. Malcolm is now 4 months old and he is such a joy to be around. I love him so much. He has been to his very first jazz festival... yes he went to the Fresno Mardi Gras but he was only a few weeks old so we didn't stay all 3 days. Instead we only went on Saturday and we only watched Blue Street play. So in April we went to Three Rivers Jazzaffair. We left early Friday morning and we met my parents in Visilia where we checked into our hotel room. We went shopping for a bit and then we headed up to Three Rivers. We went to the Lions Arena first and we watched a bit of Night Blooming Jazzmen and then at 4 pm we watched Cornet Chop Suey and then at 5:15 pm we went to the Memorial Tent and we watched/ sold cds for Blue Street and I helped watch my mentor's daughter. She loved Malcolm so much. Then at 6:30 pm we drove up to St. Anthony's Retreat and watched Cornet Chop Suey followed by Blue Street. I had the joy of helping my mentor with her daughter and then after that set we drove back to Visilia. Then on Saturday we woke up and got ready and had breakfast. We then drove back to Three Rivers. At 9:45 am at the Lions Arena we watched Titan Hot Seven followed by Blue Street and during our set we had lunch. Then we drove to the Memorial Tent and at 12:15 pm we watched Cornet Chop Suey followed by Grand Dominion followed by High Street which is one of our favorite bands because they take you through the decades. Then we walked up to the Memorial Building and at 4 pm we watched/sold cds for Blue Street with Bob Draga. We had such a great time at that set. At 5:15 pm we went to St. Anthony's Retreat and we watched Cornet Chop Suey and then at 6:30 pm we went to the Memorial Building and watched High Street with Bob Draga, That also was a great set. Then at 7:45 pm we watched Cornet Chop Suey and then we walked down to the Memorial Tent to see if Blue Street needed our help or to see if we could take Malcolm back to the hotel to sleep. We ended up taking Malcolm back to the hotel to sleep. On Sunday we woke up, had breakfast and then got our things in the car and checked out of the hotel and we took pictures of Malcolm because it was his very first hotel stay ever. We then drove up to Three Rivers and at 10:15 am we watched/ sold cds for Blue Street's Gospel set. We even saw a huge wild turkey, I took my mentor's daughter outside so that we could see the turkey and I could get a picture of it. Then at 11:45 am we drove to the Lions Arena and watched Titan Hot Seven and had some lunch followed by Blue Street, We sold cds there and I helped with my mentor's daughter, When it started to rain we went near the dance floor, My mentor's daughter even helped with feeding Malcolm and she gave Malcolm's lots of kisses. After Blue Street we stayed and watched the Au Brother's play and then after that set we said goodbye to my parents and they drove home back to Santa Maria and we drove back to Fresno, My highlights this festival was getting a baby blanket from Dewey which Malcolm just absolutely adores, seeing my mentor's daughter with Malcolm and all the help she gave me plus all the kisses she gave to Malcolm, High Street announcing Malcolm as part of their family, all the pictures Malcolm got with the musicians he met, Malcolm meeting Danny Coots and Katie Cavera, and my mentor showing me how to keep my son warm when he gets cold and also my mentor show me how to clip my son's nails. I had such a fantastic time. Then on May 5th James and I took Malcolm to get pictures done by Rev-Photo. Ashley did a great job keeping Malcolm happy and Mike did a wonderful job taking pictures. On May 7th my parents and Tim came to Fresno and we had lunch and then we went shopping for a bit after we went shopping we came back to the apartment and we had dinner and then after visiting for a bit they left and went to their hotel room. On Mother's Day we met them at church and at the end of the service Malcolm was dedicated along with Alyse's children. Then we went to Red Robin for lunch. After lunch we came back to the apartment and we opened Mother's Day gifts and of course Malcolm opened his gifts since he was dedicated. After opening gifts my parents and Tim left and went back to Santa Maria and I took a bit of a nap and relaxed the rest of the day, I had a great first Mother's Day and it was so memorable  because Malcolm was dedicated and because my parents and Tim were here.

Malcolm's first hotel stay

Grandma and Malcolm enjoying Cornet Chop Suey

Malcolm smiling at grandma while listening to High Street

Me and Dewey 

Malcolm meeting Katie Cavera 

Malcolm meeting his great grandpa Paul

Wild Turkey 


Family picture

Me and Malcolm

Daddy love

Malcolm and me with Malcolm's adoptive grandma Sheila

The boys who got dedicated

Malcolm with his foot on the table at Red Robin

Malcolm in a suit for his dedication

The family is ready for Red Nose Day

James, Me, and Malcolm

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